C)SAP - Certified Security Awareness Principles



Intended for anyone that uses a computer on the internet. Attendees will understand the security threats as well as the counter measures associated with these attacks. Employees will learn that the weakest link in any security program is a poorly trained department.

This course teaches general security awareness as well as how to develop a strong security culture within your company’s community. The Social Engineering portion of the class is designed to teach the participants the skills used by Social Engineers to facilitate the extraction of information from an organization using technical and non–technical methods.

Course Agenda

  • Basic Security: How to secure a computer for personal internet use
  • User Awareness
  • Implementing Countermeasures
  • Essential Security Awareness for Everyone
  • Using the Internet at Work
  • Accessing the Company’s Network Through Your Assigned Computer
  • Accessing the Corporate Network Remotely
  • Social Engineering Remotely
  • Understanding and Manipulating our Target
  • Researching Our Target
  • Methods of Deception


August 3, 2017


Media Rotana Hotel

Hessa Street, Barsha Heights – Dubai, UAE

With Exam & Certification

AED 1,995

E-Book Course Material
Lunch Buffet

Without Exam & Certification

AED 995

E-Book Course Material
Lunch Buffet

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Certified Security Awareness Principles

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