Dubai 100: The Most Influential People in the Emirate

Dubai has become a city to watch – often in awe.

Its meteoric rise to the international stage and its constant evolution has drawn much attention. But behind every city, much like any company, are the people who make it. And these are not only the top echelons of government and business, but also those who create a city worth living in – the artists, the restauranteurs, the entrepreneurs, the entertainers, the risk-takers.

These influencers are the people who we are celebrating in this inaugural Dubai 100 list.

Mr. Amir of IT SEC came in at 81st.

Amir Kolahzadeh is a cybersecurity and technology visionary who founded IT Sec in 2013 as cybersecurity became one of the most crucial issues for businesses to tackle.

Kolahzadeh has used his 20 years of technology experience and success in orchestrating the startup, growth and development of businesses to grow IT Sec, which is an information security consultancy and training firm working to help organisations improve their cybersecurity practices, including providing intelligence, technology, training and human expertise. It advises on information security, risk management, data breach and incident response and disaster recovery.

At a time when experts are warning that cybersecurity is one of the top challenges facing most organisations, earlier this year Kolahzadeh warned at Intersec, the world’s largest trade fair for the security, safety and fire protection industries, that GCC organisations’ lack of urgency in addressing the threats against their network and data places them at higher risk than their counterparts worldwide.

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